About Po-Ke Planet

Our team is no stranger to knowing what San Antonio enjoys when it comes to great tasting, quality food. Having successfully co-owned and operated COPA Wine Bar here in San Antonio for almost 13 years, Angie and her husband Jeff have become well known within local food circles for their culinary skills and creativity.

Angie’s obsession with poke began several years ago when she bought a poke cookbook written by the famed restauranteur Sam Choy (also known as the Godfather of poke). “Sam Choys Poke” became her poke companion ever since helping her to master the art of poke as well as coming up with many of her own unique variations.

Our goal at Po-Ke Planet is not just to bring poke to San Antonio, but to do it with our own flair. After all, you can’t be a chef in San Antonio without having your own style! We offer a variety of the traditional Hawaiian bases, toppings, and sauces, but you will also see on our menu some items that that are unique to San Antonio. Our ingredients are fresh and everything is prepared in-house including our wide range of sauces.

About Angie

Angie Bridges came up with the idea for Po-Ke Planet while on vacation in California early last year. While standing in line having yet another of several poke bowls during that trip at a pretty shop in Monterey, she decided then and there that San Antonio needed to experience this simple, yet delicious cuisine from our 50th state. A state that had captured her imagination since her father mailed her a pineapple and a coconut while on a business trip when she was 6 years old.

Our Philosophy

The team at Po-Ke Planet believes that being socially and environmentally responsible is one of our greatest commitments and a fortunately sustainability is becoming the standard in this generation. We endeavor to do our part offering the most environmentally and responsibly sourced seafood available to us, while still keeping it affordable to our customers.

At Po-Ke Planet another part in this plan goes beyond the menu with serving our product in fully compostable bowls and lids.